Sugar Thermometer For Jam Sugar Candy Temperature Detector Tool


a very useful instrument for gauging the temperature of sugar.

if your cooking Italian meringue, making mousses or stewing jams this will indicate the temperature of hot sugars.

softball, hardball etc


great to have in your toolbox as very few professional kitchens have them (well under 2 rosette)


if you’re on pastry or you are a keen on patisserie get one.



chefs, bakers, and food lovers need this sugar thermometer

in your armory, there very handy and safe to use than the old style as theres no mercury.

sugar thermometer Features:
Easy and convenient to use
Handle to hold and a clip on back for fastening to pan sides when measuring
achieve consistent results when making Jams and sweet as well as deep fat frying.
Mercury free.
Handwash or wipe clean only.
Stainless steel cooking thermometer perfect for measuring exact setting points of jams, sugars and deep frying temperatures. Reads from 40 to 200 with clearly marked cooking temperature points.

Size: 30cm x 5cm
Material: Stainless Steel
Record: 40-200 Centigrade/ 100-400 Fahrenheit
Color :random (We do not offer color choices. The product will be sent in random.)

Package includes:
1 x Thermometer


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