Torch Kitchen Butane Lighter – Chef Cooking Torch Refillable Adjustable Flame Lighter with Safety Lock for Brulee B

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this amazing small jet blow torch(cooking torch) is perfect to carry in your knife box.

can be used for many uses whether toasting a cream brullee (trinity cream) coloring pine nuts or giving a nice scorched look this works.

its easily refillable with lighter fuel and takes seconds to do so.

no chef should be without one handy whether at home or in the kitchen.


this cooking torch Features:

1.Ergonomic design for comfortable holding in the hand.

2.It can produce high-temperature flame and be repeatedly inflated to meet the needs of longtime work.

3.Air outlet valve and pagoda structure are made with fine workmanship, which can produce high-temperature flame.

4.The gas tank has a large capacity and can be repeatedly inflated to meet the needs of longtime work.

5.Outlet parts are durable, can resist high temperature about 1300℃. New switch design, easy to use, to ensure ignition in any environment.

6.The flame can be adjusted, simple and flexible operation and the flame size is relatively stable

7.Widely used in camping barbecue, glasses and small objects processing welding, jewelry processing, bending and welding of plastics and more




Heat-Resistant: 1300℃
Color: Black & Silver
Size(L * W): Approx. 15.5cm x 16.5cm
Hand Shank Diameter: Approx. 6cm
Hand Shank Length: Approx. 9cm
Package Included:
1 x Butane Torch(Without Gas)

Direction of Use:

1. Please turn the spinning button to OPEN before ignition, and then press the button trigger.

2. It will keep burning when you turn the ignition button to CLOSE.

3. It will go out immediately when you turn the ignition button to OPEN.

Flame Adjustment:

1. Under the base of the body has a adjustable ring, can be adjusted directly with your fingers.
2. Turn it in clockwise direction(-), to reduce the flame length.
3. Turn it in counterclockwise direction(+), to increase flame length.

Gas Filling Method:

Aim the gas bottle at the bottom intake slot, press the gas bottle, and fill the air.


1. Read all the instructions and warnings before use.
2. When using butane gas, reverse the main body and push the butane tank tightly into the charging valve. Fill the butane, wait for a few minutes until the gas is stable.
3. Be careful when close to fire sources, heaters or combustibles.
4. Do not touch the nozzle so as to avoid scalding after using or just using it.
5. Make sure that the product has no flame and is cool enough to collect.
6. Do not disassemble or repair it by yourself.
7. Please allow 1-3mm error due to hand test.
8. Please keep away from children.


Widely Used:

1. Cooking Torch – Creme Brulee, Toasting Bread Crumbs, Roasting Bell Peppers
2. Outdoor Camping & BBQ – Steaks,Ignite A Grill, Skins tomatoes, melts cheese on gratins, roasts pepper
3. Welding And Incision – Jewelry, Glasses
4. Home And Industrial – Cocktails, Defrosting Meat, Engine Heating

How to use:

Gas-refilled: please insert the Butane Gas Refill bottle vertically to the blow torch bottom as shows in picture , wait for 6 secs once and then pull out, 3 times operation will fully refill blow torch, wait for minutes then blow the fire.

Light up and extinguish: turn fire ignition button to “OPEN”, then press the button, the flame is lit; release the button, the flame goes off.

To switch on continuous fire: turn fire ignition clockwise to “CLOSE” while the flame is on; Turn the button to “OPEN”, the flame goes out.

Adjustable flames: Slide the Flame control to adjust the flame levels.
– Capacity: 8-10g butane gas
– Flame Temperature: Up to 1300°C / 2500°F
– Made with Aluminum alloy
– Item size: 12 x 6 x 15.5 cm/ 4.7*2.3*6 inch
– Net weight: 0.6lb

Additional information

Dimensions12 × 6 × 16 cm


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